You are currently viewing Equally AI Unveils Flowy – World’s First ChatGPT-powered Web Accessibility Platform

Equally AI Unveils Flowy – World’s First ChatGPT-powered Web Accessibility Platform

The future of web accessibility is here! Our new software, Flowy powered by ChatGPT, brings together all the tools and resources you need to create accessible websites in one platform. Flowy provides the perfect solution for developers and website owners who want to create accessible sites without becoming accessibility experts themselves.

When we launched Equally AI in 2020, we wanted to make web accessibility as easy as possible for small and medium-sized businesses. Our vision and mission as a company was born out of the desire to provide personalized web experiences to everyone, regardless of their ability or technological know-how.

Since then, we’ve been hard at work (fueled by gallons of coffee, to be sure) developing features, gathering feedback, and making improvements to our product to provide the best suite of web accessibility solutions that fits the needs of our clients and their customers. Today, we’re super excited to make our most significant product announcement since we founded Equally AI.

Introducing Flowy – the world’s first ChatGPT-powered platform to find and fix accessibility errors on websites in record time!
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Flowy includes all the functionality you would expect from a web accessibility platform – but it is unlike anything you’ve seen or used in the past. Leveraging the power of Open AI’s ChatGPT, Flowy’s recommendation engine provides you with suggested code fixes to easily address accessibility issues.

These new ChatGPT capabilities strengthen our existing infrastructure which leverages advanced automated intelligence to scan and find accessibility barriers on websites. With the addition of auto-suggested code fixes, developers and designers can free up even more time to focus on priorities.

Why is this important?

Business owners are responsible for delivering useful and efficient digital products. That includes addressing errors that hinder you from delivering the best possible user experience. But finding these errors, fixing them, and monitoring websites for future occurrences demands considerable time and effort. Flowy brings all of these functionalities into one platform so you can easily guarantee your product’s quality.

Flowy audit result page showing affected code and suggested code fixes generated by ChatGPT.
Flowy Overview Page

Here are some of the features we know you’ll definitely love about Flowy:

Magic – provides an even better suggestion to fix the issue.
Creative – identifies and adds missing attributes. This feature is mainly for experts.
Guide – outlines a step-by-step guide to help you fix the issue yourself according to your frontend stack.
Explain – gives a low-level explanation of the issue (this feature is useful for non-developers).

Flowy is designed by developers for developers. Our own team struggled to find a tool that balanced simplicity with flexibility and effectiveness. So we built one that puts you in control of the tool — not the other way around. We’re pretty excited about this launch and we know you will be too! Request early access now.

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