Championing Accessibility, Usability, and Compliance

Learn how to optimize your e-commerce website to improve accessibility for all users.

A hand holding a mobile phone which displays the homepage of an e-commerce store.
An open laptop with a product design of a yellow two-seater sofa.

How Web Accessibility Can Help Web Designers Boost Business

As a web designer, you probably already know how web accessibility helps web users and improves your client’s business. But …

Tali sitting in a chair wearing dark sunglasses and smiling widely.

Tali Sarnetzky: Rising Above Difficulty

“A blind person is a human being who happens to be blind not a blind being who happens to be …

A blue create content key on a computer keyboard.

How to Mitigate Non-Compliance Risks From Inaccessible Third Party Content

You may need to outsource some parts of your web content to an external vendor. How do you ensure such …

The Israeli Flag which depicts the depicts a blue hexagram on a white background, between two horizontal blue stripes.

IS 5568: Everything On Israel’s Accessibility Law

The Israel Standard (IS) 5568 is one of the most enforced web accessibility laws in the world. It mandates all …